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To promote Parenting Education, the welfare of children and the interest of parents, for the establishment of a world devoid of avoidable miseries.


To strive for a world where no child suffers from the detriments and disempowering effects of bad parenting.

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Consider the facts and decide what you’ll rather have. Below are 10 possible outcome for children when parents either got Parenting Education or declined it.

Got Parenting Education Declined Parenting Education
1. Child steps out confidently from home on the first day of school.1. Child clings to parents and cries through the first day at school.
2. Child effortlessly interacts with other children and enjoys school.2. Child dreads going to school and is often withdrawn from others.
3. Child feels comfortable in the presence of adults and easily interacts with them.3. Child feels intimidated in the presence of adults and remains silent.
4. Child has feelings of inner security, exhibits poise and is calm in the company of peers.4. Child feels unnecessarily threatened, may become aggressive and bully other children to hide his sense of inadequacy.
5. Child takes keen interest in academic pursuit and is able to concentrate in class and while studying.5. Child is disinterested in academic work, resents his teachers, lacks concentration and focus.
6. Child is free from internal conflicts and contradictions, as such he is able to think creatively. He is assured of his personal worth6. Child is constantly trying to resolve internal conflicts and contradictions. His thoughts continually revolves around trying to figure out his sense of personal worth.
7. Child is rarely bogged down by anxiety, worry and fear because of his feelings of personal security.7. Child feels constantly fearful, worried and anxious. Depression is a constant companion.
8. On attainment of adulthood, child feels self-assured, self-confident, is bold and daring.8. On attainment of adulthood, child lacks courage, constantly feels inferior to others, is intimidated and rarely take risks.
9. Child bonds well with siblings and parents as an adult, appreciates parents, loves and supports his family.9. Child may be estranged from siblings at adulthood, resents parents and lives with hurtful feelings and bitter disappointments.
10. On attainment of adulthood, child is more likely to be a trail blazer. He is successful and ready to consolidate on the good foundation laid by his parents.10. On attainment of adulthood, child rarely takes initiative, is withdrawn and at best living an average life.

Examine these important tips

Tip No 1
Tip No 1

The fact that your child is not exhibiting any of the above negative symptoms, does not mean you do not need Parenting Education.

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Tip No. 2
Tip No. 2

Children are usually resilient and many of the damages inflicted on them through bad parenting are insidious.

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Tip No. 3
Tip No. 3

As a parent, you need to be very sure and double check to ensure your child is not being systematically disempowered . That you can do by getting Parenting Education.

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