Where Do You Stand?

Stand Inner

Parents should never discount the effects of many years of negligent parenting. One of the greatest misfortunes parents can visit on their children is to be presumptuous in their approach to parenting. Such parents do not believe they need any form of study or training to bring up their children.

Many engage in this nonchalant attitude because they cannot immediately see the negative results or devastating effects of parenting mistakes on their children. Others are making these mistakes without realizing the enormous damages they are doing to their children. Pay day however comes many years down the line when their children start exhibiting deviant behaviors, show signs of psychological imbalance or many of the numerous and complex symptoms of bad or failed parenting which visit such children in their advance years.

These include, among many other ills, drug addiction, lack of self-confidence, inability to set and attain goals, lack of commitment to any form of serious work, shyness, cultism and gangsterism, and in extreme cases suicide. The reality is that the list of detriment of bad or failed parenting are endless.

Parents can always take out what can be compared to an insurance on their children regarding parenting. This can be done by closely following all out programs at ParentingEdge and the guidance we offer. Never assume you know it all and that you do not need any other form of guidance and collaboration in parenting.

The fact remains that at the end of the day when you get it right, you will be the sole beneficiary of the successful outcome of your efforts. On the other hand, if you experience the misfortune of getting it wrong in one way or the other in the parenting of your children, the resultant ‘blows’ lands on you alone.

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