Our podcasts are designed to teach effective parenting principles, which are guaranteed to transform your parenting. When parents are not learning by reading the right parenting books, articles, and attending or participating in parenting webinars or seminars, the tendency is for them to start faltering in their parenting even without knowing it.

Many people have continued parenting by default, using only their common sense to decide what is right or wrong. We have enough evidence to show a number of those parents reaped bitter regrets later in life, having made terrible mistakes in the upbringing of their children.

In the present dispensation, where many parents are preoccupied with responding to the challenges of their careers and businesses, finding enough time to study and read all the parenting articles becomes virtually impossible.

Our podcasts are, as a consequence, designed to provide a convenient way of teaching valuable parenting principles without the need to go over copious articles or books. It is directed particularly at busy, career-oriented parents, businessmen and women, and executives who desire quick, on-the-go access to valuable parenting audio content.