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Subscribing to our podcast is synonymous with taking practical steps to secure the future of your children. What you will learn in the process of your month after month subscription will be sufficient to take you through all aspects of parenting which will ensure you raise your children into a stronger generation.

The evidence reveal that parents who neglect to participate in Parenting Education programs such as podcasts, webinars or reading  parenting books and articles, eventually stumble in one way or the other in their parenting. The painful aspect in all these is that they make their children suffer needlessly the detriments of poor or failed parenting.

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Parenting Edge Podcast is known to impact parents from all over the world. We maintain a faithful following in several countries.

The testimonies indicate that parents who follow keenly from episode to episode, have improved tremendously on their parenting skills and their relationship with their children. As a result, their homes and family life have become happier and more satisfactory.

Such parents can sit back and relax in their advance years knowing they spared no effort in giving their children the best.

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Develop The Reading Culture in Your Children

It is very important to stimulate the love for books in children. It is the interest they take in reading, not just their academic books, but just about anything that is useful and of interest to them, that makes them stand out.

Teach Them The Great Art of Public Speaking

Public speaking is an area many children and even adults have difficulty. Do you experience butterflies in your stomach when asked to address to an audience? You don’t have to allow your children grow up the same way.

Discovering and Developing Talents

Many parents don’t allow the natural talents and abilities of their children to fester. For some unknown reasons, many parents do not know how to spot, discover and develop the talents of their children.

Teaching Etiquette and Self-Comportment

Your children are your legacy. They are the lens through which the world see you. It is therefore critical that you raise them to be decent and respectful members of whatever community they find themselves.