Prevent Child Abuse

Child abuse is very rampant in homes. The reason many do not realize it is that what is sometimes regarded as normal or not a big deal is actually child abuse. We are not advocating that children should be spoiled or over-indulged. But the fact remains that children must be respected. Parents must bear in mind that their children have emotions too, which can be hurt.

Child abuse is at the root of all the undesirable traits children exhibit. It is at the root of all the deviant behavior they exhibit. Eliminate child abuse in your home and watch your children blossom and thrive.

This is why, at ParentingEdge, we place a strong emphasis on preventing child abuse. From our teaching on Transactional Analysis to How to Raise Confident Children, we take you through step-by-step methods of identifying and eradicating child abuse. Once you are well acquainted with the principles of Transactional Analysis, your parenting will take a giant leap in a positive direction.