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As the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child.” Unfortunately, the “village” as we knew it, which use to look out for the children of other families as well to ensure their behavior conform to acceptable societal standards, no longer exist in our day. We are all intensely technologically wired up and everyone is minding his or her own business, consumed in our personal world. The resultant effect is the decadence of the younger generation which manifest in various vices too numerous to mention here.

However, there are way we can leverage on this same technology to bind together as parents pursuing the same goals, that is, to see our children grow up as successful, responsible and decent members of society. We at ParentingEdge are building an online community of parents who will collaborate and network together for the corporate good; to share ideas, erect ideals, establish standards, set goals and achieve them. We admonish and encourage one another on this difficult task of parenting. This is the most difficult job God has assigned to man.

The advantages of membership are numerous. In addition to being able to network and collaborate with other parents, members will get direct and firsthand information from our secretariat about our activities, which include high value webinars, highly informative articles and other products we shall be publishing from time to time to help improve your parenting skills.

Membership is free and we shall not be sharing your information with any other organization or company. This may just be your first step in getting out of parenting illiteracy, which is a vice plaguing many modern parents. It’s time to start securing the future of your children through knowledge based parenting.

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