Discipline and Morals

Maximizing the potentials of children through appropriate parenting style.

Whether children maximize their potential as they journey through life is determined largely by the environment in which they grow up. This environment is created substantially by parents through the parenting style adopted in bringing up each child. In other words, your parenting style goes a long way in shaping the personalities of your children….

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Developing in children the ability to handle personal crisis or loss

We all face disappointment and loss in life. Children do too. While adults might have a more developed mental capacity to understand the crisis they are going through, the same is not true for children. Your major goal as a parent should be to enhance the emotional growth and maturity of your children. One of…

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Effects of bad parenting may be insidious

When something is described as insidious, it means it is a thing that does harm in a secret, stealthy, and gradual manner. This is exactly how bad parenting affects children. It is always a mistake when parents look out only for external signs of distress or negative changes in the behavior of their children to…

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