About Us

ParentingEdge is an organization with a vision borne out of an intense desire to help children grow normally within the family and school setting and in the larger society, without suffering the consequences and psychological detriment of poor parenting. It is clear, however, that you cannot help children in this regard except you help their parents and those who are in locus parentis to children acquire the right education, information and skill in proper parenting. People who are in locus parentis to children include grandparents, uncles, aunties school teachers, school handlers and administrators, who have constant contact with these children and are therefore in a position to influence their opinion, attitudes and personality. The work we do is directed towards these groups of people.

The basic thrust of ParentingEdge is to provide quality, well researched, well thought out and accurate Parenting Education to these groups of people, particularly biological parents of children. This is achieved through organized lectures, seminars, webinars, workshops, audio teachings, articles, online parenting courses and strategy sessions.

At ParentingEdge, we believe it’s time to stop parenting by default. We believe it’s time for all modern parents to be intentional with their parenting. This is in realization of the evil bad parenting constitutes to society. It is also in realization of the heart ache and embarrassment it could cause parents as they watch their children unable to maximize their potentials, and as these children become a nuisance to society in extreme cases.

Lack of self-confidence and poor self-image, fraud, rape, murder, drug addiction, cultism, gangsterism, premarital sex, teenage pregnancy and suicide are just a few of the ills society and individual families suffer as a result of poor parenting. The goal of ParentingEdge is to turn children and young adults into responsible, well-adjusted citizens of their various communities by offering the right Parenting Education to their parents.