Month: October 2021

Do Teachers Need Parenting Skills?

In most parts of the world, children start school formally at about the age of five. In some other countries, especially in Africa, they start one form of schooling or the other right from about the age of two. The average student, therefore, starts attending school from about the age of two to seventeen, when…

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Positive strategies for improving communication with children

Positive, clear, and undistorted communication is the key to a healthy relationship between individuals. The exciting and easy-flowing conversation is the bedrock of building intimacy and establishing connections between people. Communicating effectively with children is the secret to transmitting positive values and developing good character in children. When communication breaks down between parents and their…

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Instilling the reading culture in children

Tobi, aged 6, returns from school, shrugs off his school bag, barely stops to remove his school uniform, reaches for the TV remote, and flops on the rug in front of the TV to watch his favorite cartoon show. We live in a culture overwhelmed with all manners of electronic gadgets competing for our attention….

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