Maximizing the potentials of children through appropriate parenting style.

Maximizing the potentials of children through appropriate parenting style.

Whether children maximize their potentials as they journey through life is determined largely by the environment they grow up in. This environment is created substantially by parents through the parenting style adopted in bringing up each child. In other words, your parenting style as a father or mother goes a long way in shaping the personality of your children. The type of personality children run with in life may ultimately determine whether they maximize their potential or not.

There are three basic parenting styles you may adopt as a parent. Some other parenting models list more than three which may be discuss in future articles.

Permissive Parenting: The permissive parent is one who allow children do just what they want, with limited input, guidance and direction from the parent. In such homes rules and boundaries are limited or often non-existent. While such parents appear on the surface to be warm and nurturing, they do a lot of damage to the personality of their children by their being uninvolved in the details of the everyday activities of the children.

The Detriment: Children who grow up under such parenting style often wish they had parents who enforced the limits, provided guidelines and discipline. Such children end up feeling unimportant, neglected and unloved.

Authoritarian Parenting: This is the dictatorial style parenting which compels children to do only as the parent say and no more. Here children are not allowed to express their opinion about issues and this promotes the belief that ‘children are to be seen and not heard.’

The Detriment: Children who grow up in such environment end up feeling unloved and afraid. They are likely to go through life too intimidated to express their views in appropriate situations.

Authoritarian Parenting: This is the best parenting style. This parenting style will most likely produce children who are well adjusted to life. The Authoritative parent are often nurturing and reasonable in the demands they place on their children. Such parents communicate frequently with their children in ways which are appropriate to the child’s age and level of understanding. The parents lay down reasonable rules for children to follow and ensure those rules are appropriately enforced. The reasons for the rules are also clearly explained to the children. High goals and expectations are set and clearly communicated to the children, with allowance being made for the input of children in various scenarios.

The Advantage: Children who emerge from such parenting style are well adjusted to life and are more likely to enhance and maximize their potential as the journey through life.

Written By Rotimi Amurawaiye

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