Six Tips in Raising Educationally Brilliant Children

When it comes to the education of your children, one thing you don’t want to do is leave things to chance. This is because if the pendulum swings negatively, you are going to be involved in an intense struggle to help them find their feet. In the event of that unpleasant occurrence, your time, financial resources, energy and emotional reserves may be greatly tasked. The safest course therefore is to be intentional in ensuring the brilliance and good performance of your children at school. The following are six sure ways you can get your children to be one of the top performers at school.

Create an Atmosphere of Excellence within the Home: Every home has a prevailing atmosphere on every subject that is relevant to the family setting. When it comes to schooling, school work and educational pursuit, the more the prevailing attitude in the home leans towards excellence, the better the children are likely to perform better at school. Creating an attitude of excellence is the responsibility of both parents. This is often done by the examples the parents show their children, by what they say to the children and in general conversation in the home. Many times also, responsible, hardworking and brilliant first born children have the ability to create this atmosphere of excellence and challenge their younger ones to strive to be the best.

Have Zero Tolerance for Mediocrity and Average: Explanations and rationalizations from children as to ‘why I did not perform very well’ in administered test and or examinations should be taken with a pinch of salt. Children will often want to find fault with the system instead of facing up to the fact that their preparations were inadequate to start with. Always challenge your children to be at the top of the class. Let them know they can be. Desist from labelling them as dullards or stupid or not well endowed mentally for the simple reason that this is simply not a true assessment of their ability.

Identify, Remove or Control Sources of Distraction: These include television, laptops, mobile phones, computer games, PS 4, internet connections and social media platforms. Television time should be strictly regimented, while so called online classes and assignments should be carefully monitored in order to prevent children from straying from course. School children should not be allowed to open and maintain social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and all similar platform as these are a major source of distraction which account for the poor performance of children at school.

Secure your Children Psychologically: This is the foundation of brilliance. Children who are secure in themselves, who are sure of their self-worth and know they are loved and valued by their parents, are likely to do better at school than children who have been psychologically scarred.

Give Constant Pep Talks: You must be ready to engage your children in constant pep talks, admonition and encouragement. Let them know how important their education is to their future. Talk to them all the time and not just specific period designated for trying to motivate them towards brilliant performance.

Express Confidence in their Abilities: The way you talk to children and what you tell them has a lot of impact in the outcomes you achieve. Telling children they are dullards who are not capable of good performance at school, will depress them psychologically and produce negative results. Let them know they are naturally brilliant and that they need to deploy their God given abilities. For example, instead of saying ‘you are a dullard’, say: ‘you are a very intelligent person, but because you have failed to apply yourself by studying hard, you are not performing well at school.’

If you diligently follow these guidelines it will not be long before you start reaping a bounty harvest of educationally brilliant children.

Written By Rotimi Amurawaiye