Parenting is a science

Parenting is a science

It’s quite unfortunate that during such perilous times in which we live, many fathers and mothers are still parenting by default. To parent by default is to use sense knowledge in achieving your parenting goals, rather embracing parenting education.

It is no more in dispute that the world our children now live in, is fundamentally and significantly different from the world their parents and grandparents grew up. The rapid changes which are taking place in the world are so mind blowing. Parents who fail to recognize the dangerous complexities which has been introduced to everyday living and then make the necessary adjustments in the way parenting is approached, will end up with “finished products” significantly different from what they intended, and this will come with its attendant disappointments and heartache.

The world has been irreversibly revolutionized by technology. For example, peer and cultural influences can now travel at the speed of thought through the internet. Your child may be in his quiet and serene bedroom and yet be contacted and influenced by a crack head thousands of kilometers away, unknown to you. This influence may go on for weeks or even years without you realizing it. Realizing that such negative influences may be coming from several other sources through the World Wide Web, should make parents realize that parenting should be handled as a full time vocation.

Has it not become obvious to everyone that the incidence of drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, sexual immorality, cultism, gangsterism, defiance and disobedience to parents and general lack of regard for authority has become more intense and grown exponentially in the days we now live in? Further ravaging the present generation are vices such as internet fraud and its associated identity theft, electronic bank transfer fraud, violent and murderous rape, often committed by vicious gangs, heartless killing and maiming of rival cult groups and perceived opponents, adolescent suicide, often provoked by seemingly trivial issues, with some of them openly announced or broadcast live on social media. These are all issues that should give today’s parents serious concern, because these vices were alien to us while growing up.

It is in realization of the dangerous precipice to which today’s children are being driven that serves to motivate the setting up of ParentingEdge. Our goal is to persuade parents to embrace intentional and knowledge based parenting. Our role is to guide parents and enlighten them to embrace continuous parenting education through the various programs we offer. The assurance we give is that if you participate in our programs, apply the principles and follow the guidelines, you can have that positive, predictable outcome with your children.

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Written By Rotimi Amurawaiye